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Awesome Tumblr Nude Blog

Posted on Sep 18, 2012 by in Great Porn Sites | 0 comments

I stumbled upon this tumblr blog the other day and it is just filled with animated gif’s and pictures.  I thought I would share it as from time to time we all need a new place and new material to release that built up tension.

Overviewsex image

It seems to be run by a relatively young guy, 21 years old roughly.  His comments are some of the best parts of the blog and I actually found myself searching though the pictures to read his responses to peoples posts.

He is quite witty and seems to be involved with his visual nude blog simply for his own amusement.  This adds to the allure as he doesn’t shy away from being both completely truthful and frank in all of his responses.


As I mentioned this nude tumblr blog consists of images and animated gif’s but in terms of sexual content there does seem to be some trends.

  • Very hardcore – not at all safe for work
  • Lots of black and white artistic nudes
  • Female Female lesbian action
  • Lots of female butt sex
  • Threesomes with two females one male
  • Lots of Hetero sex
  • The odd Male Male gay shot
  • Very attrative females and males in all pitures

Visit The Site

Well that’s about it, if anything interests you head on over and take a look at his site.