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Baby & Tyler : Afternoon Snack – New X-Art

Posted on Apr 2, 2013 by in Great Porn Sites, Porn New Releases | 0 comments

Baby and Tyler

Quickies are always fun.

Not only is this video of Tyler and Baby a great visual for the ol’ quickie but this post is also going to be.  Ha.

So as I mentioned Tyler and Baby are the two models in this video, all heterosexual sex.  They appear to come home, possibly on lunch break, and rip each others cloths off.  Tyler then has a quick snack before baby jumps on top of him.  They bang for a little while on the couch before Baby gets her snack and finishes him off.  Humm, I think that is a very fair and accurate synopsis of the video.  Ya, so if you want to see more of these two then you’re going to need to follow the link below, which will take you to the X-Art material you probably need to have your own quickie.

Otherwise join X-Art and watch these videos with your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, or whoever you think would enjoy them.  Cant think of a great present for your boyfriend or husband? Well I bet a subscription to X-Art would more than be awesome, but you’re going to have to watch them together!  I guess it is sort of like a present for yourself then as well!

Free X-Art Gallery and Movie

Ya, so we are not allowed to host the actual images or the film so unfortunately you have to follow a link to a new page, but its only one click away… it doesn’t open in a new window or tab, no pop ups, or any of that crap, just straight to the good stuff… goodbye and enjoy!

As always if you follow the link above you are going to see nudity – IT’S NOT SAFE FOR WORK