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Blond On Blond Action X-Art’s Sexy New Video

Posted on Dec 7, 2012 by in Couples Porn, Porn New Releases | 0 comments

Yep, we have some awesome girl on girl action here, actually blond on blond.  Anneli being one of X-Art’s more frequent models teams of with Baby a bit of newbie to make a great HD video of them enjoying each other thoroughly.

This is a great couple friendly porn as we all know X-Art is amazing at making.  Maybe retreat to the bedroom with your partner and start watching a few of their films, I would be completely surprised if you can make it through an entire film without starting your own.  Just leave it on in the background and have a great time!

X-Art Films

This company is a game changer and was started by Brig and Colette.  Initially it was just the two of them doing everything (literally).  She did hair and make-up, helped moved the lights around and carried equipment.  Brig mostly took the photos and they basically both learned how to shoot HD video on the fly.

They tell of how the beginning was really difficult as they were pressed to make content on a tight budget.  At times they would literally get off a plane and get right to shooting videos and pictures to same time and money yet fighting exhaustion the entire time.   The couple believed in themselves and the work they were doing so they kept going and their perseverance has certainly paid off.   X-Art is truly founded on the unique view of pornography as both pleasure and art.

X-Art Free Photo Gallery – Loving Angels

Check out this free gallery containing a bunch of images and video of Baby and Anneli – Some Blond On Blond!

Check out the Video and Pictures Here

Quick reminder – this is Not Safe For Work!