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Cross Pollination – Sex On Many Sites

Posted on Jan 17, 2013 by in Random Sex Info | 0 comments

Sex and models

Multiple Sites Similar Models

I have noticed that most nude models are quite smart and perceptive about their situation.  Firstly they realized that they were incredibly beautiful and could make a lot of money off that asset.  Secondly most seem to understand that you’re only young and beautiful for a short period of time (the rest of us are only young for a short period of time).  Essentially these ladies can make $10,000 or more on a single photo or sex shoot, which is really good money for a pleasurable days work.   That being said most models can be found on multiple sites, so they have many, many, opportunities to make a lot of money early on in their lives.

I have gone though and picked out a few of the models and added links to their work or biography on multiple sites.  Maybe you can find more? OR…. If you or you and your significant other have a favorite model you like to watch this is a great way to dig up some new content!

Models and Their Diverse Work Experience

Elle Alexander


Grace or Anneli

As always the links provided will take you to sites that promote and show nudity! If you are, or will be offended, do not click them.

Links are not safe for work!