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Girls In Yoga Pants

Posted on Apr 30, 2012 by in Funny Sites | 0 comments

Looking for a way to get though the afternoon? Well you could spend a little time on the website Girls In Yoga Pants….

It’s and addicting site and easy way to waste a few hours going though hundreds and thousands of nice booties in really tight yoga pant.  The site is filled with advertising as that’s likely how they make their money.  The pictures are not to bad and I have yet to come across one with full nudity in any way (and I have gone though a least a few hundred).  So I think its fair to say this probably isn’t a work appropriate website but if you are looking and do get caught it wont be too bad.

Some of the funniest parts of this website are the comments that people write at the bottom of the picture, so as your perusing though the site don’t forget to check out some of the comments for a good laugh.

I included a great picture of a girl in some nice yoga pants clearly wearing a thong underneath. I don’t know what the etiquette is regarding yoga pants and underwear but this woman has a great ass that clearly enjoys eating her thong…