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Great Sex Stories

Posted on Mar 29, 2012 by in Erotic Stories | 1 comment

Erotic Stories

Looking for some great erotic reading? Well we found a blog that oozes awesome, incredibly written, graphic sex stories.  Once we started reading some of the stories that Scarlett has written 3 hours had gone by before we knew it…. no one could stop.  Highly recommend you check out her site, but be warned once you start its hard to stop.  Check out her site atrueunfolding — Warning the site has nude pictures and graphic language – not safe for work.chocolate fellatio

Below is an excerpt from Scarlett’s story on chocolate fellatio.

It began with a text message to Henrí:

I want to dip you in melted chocolate, and when it dries, I want to see how long it takes to melt in my mouth

He didn’t respond to the text, but he came home with two big bars of Hersey chocolate. I had thought everything would go according to plan, but being a parent tends to come first, so we found ourselves to exhausted to melt the chocolate, and wait for it to dry….so, I simply took a piece of chocolate and stuck it to the roof of my mouth. I honestly thought this would be disaster, not because it would be messy but because you never know what could happen when you try something new….

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  1. Hi! Just saw this and wanted to say thanks for the kind words and mention. And three hours, wow! Super blushing going on over here! Thanks again 🙂 xxx

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