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Capri, Kiera, Scarlet, Jay & Chad : Happy Birthday Capri X-Art

Posted on Jul 25, 2013 by in Couples Porn, Porn New Releases | 0 comments

X-Art free previews here

Capri, Kiera, Scarlet, Jay & Chad  star in Happy Birthday Capri

Three beauty X-Art models have a mini orgy with two lucky guys.  Jay and Chad get to spend some time making it a wonderful birthday for Capri (I’m certain its pretty wonderful for them as well).  The video depicts a situation where the three girls are likely best friends and as such have ordered some male escorts over to liven up the party a little.  In most countries this is probably illegal but its an X-Art porn movie and so the girls take advantage of both of these male dancers.

Sticking to X-Art style both male and female actors are absolutely gorgeous.  The filmography also adds to the sensuality and beauty with a great background and shooting location.  If you haven’t checked out any X-Art styled porn this is a great introduction, not only is it couple friendly but also targeted towards both male and female watchers.

Check the link below for some free X-Art pictures and videos. 

Free X-Art Gallery and Movie

Ya, so we are not allowed to host the actual images or the film so unfortunately you have to follow a link to a new page, but its only one click away… it doesn’t open in a new window or tab, no pop ups, or any of that crap, just straight to the good stuff… goodbye and enjoy!

As always if you follow the link above you are going to see nudity – IT’S NOT SAFE FOR WORK