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Logan & Bunny : Another Night – X-Art

Posted on Mar 20, 2013 by in Couples Porn, Porn New Releases | 0 comments

X-Art Free Porn

Some new updated content from X-Art.  This video showcases a new model that goes by the name of Bunny.  Again it is shot in the creative way that all X-Art films are, with nice lights, soft glows, and entrancing music at the beginning.  The problem is that’s about all I find great with this new film.  To be honest the actors didn’t really seem to have any connection, and the sex almost seemed more like work than pleasure.

I find this surprising for X-Art as this has been something I thought they really tried to remove from the stereo typical porn videos, which, in the past I felt they had.  X-Art has created some of the best couple friendly porn available today.  I highly attribute this to the fact that both actors appear to thoroughly enjoy the sex, and filming making it much easier to watch with your significant other.  Take a watch of this video and see how you feel regarding the performance. Maybe I was just not in the right mood?

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Ya, so we are not allowed to host the actual images or the film so unfortunately you have to follow a link to a new page, but its only one click away… It doesn’t open in a new window or tab, no pop ups, or any of that crap, just straight to the good stuff… Goodbye and enjoy!

As always if you follow the link above you are going to see nudity – IT’S NOT SAFE FOR WORK