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Mary & Anneli : Afternoon Picnic – X-Art

Posted on Mar 12, 2013 by in Couples Porn, Porn New Releases | 0 comments

Mary and Anneli

This is a standard X-Art style film; two amazingly hot girls are out in a lush environment and just happen to both be bi-sexual.  Of course you can assume what happens as the first bottle of wine is finished off.  The two models strip down and ravish each other until the point of ecstasy, both being incredibly hot it is nearly impossible not to watch.  This of course is standard couple friendly porn as the shoot is filmed tastefully and respectfully.  That being said one of the best parts of X-Art is that is showcases models who really appear to be enjoying their work, and the sex for that matter.  Looking at the porn industry there are a lot of stereotypes and generalizations that unfortunately tend to be true.  X-Art works to reverse these negative assumptions and the product really proves that it can be done.

This film “Afternoon Picnic” is starring Anneli and Mary.  If you follow X-Art at all you will immediately recognize Anneli as she is a very popular and frequent model employed by the creators.   Mary has graced a number of videos and photo shoots as well; so if you enjoy either of these two beautiful women you can see them is a few more scenes.

Okay, here is what you probably really want, the free X-Art video and photos – Check them out below.

Free X-Art Gallery and Movie

Ya so we are not allowed to host the actual images and the film so unfortunately you have to follow a link to a new page, but its only one click away and it doesn’t open in a new window or tab, goodbye and enjoy!

As always if you follow the link above you are going to see nudity – IT’S NOT SAFE FOR WORK