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New X-Art – Heart and Soul

Posted on Nov 27, 2012 by in Couples Porn, Great Porn Sites | 0 comments

There is a new video from our favorite porn site X-Art called – Heart and Soul

Part of want makes these videos unique is that the actors, for the most part, aren’t acting at all.  In the case of “Heart and Soul” Connie is simply having sex on film with her real life boyfriend.  This enables the videographer and the photographer to concentrate more on what is being captured and less on directing the two “actors”.  Watching the video you can see that the sex is not forced or awkward, the two are thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Connie is a brunette beauty, 22 years old and from the Czech Republic.  She has a luxuriously curvy figure and sports a delicious bacon strip.  This isn’t her first video with X-Art so if you like what you see check out these other videos she has starred in.

  • Heart and Soul
  • How Deep is my Love
  • Lovers in Paradise
  • X-Art on TV
  • Romantic Memories
  • True Love

X-Art has many amazing videos and photo shoots with stunning models and actors, Visit the Site Now

Special Photo Gallery

We do have access to a special photo gallery of Connie’s last shoot with her boyfriend Aaron. There is a lot of nudity in this Gallery so it is not safe for work!

Check Out The Gallery