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Nicky Whelan – Incredibly Hot and on Workaholics

Posted on Dec 10, 2012 by in Sexy People | 0 comments

Nicky Whelan

Nicky is an Australian actress who is best known for her work on the Australian soap opera “Neighbours”.  Although she has been quite active in a number of movies as well as hosting several shows.  Over time she has grown more and more popular becoming a regular in Scrubs as an Australian medical student and appearing as Leigh in the movie Hall Pass in 2011.

Nicky Whelan has been involved in a number of fashion and photography shoots showcasing her beauty.  The most popular would probably be her FHM or Inside Sport magazine appearances where she doesn’t leave much left to your imagination.

She has also appeared on one of my favorite TV shows of all times… Workaholics.  If you are missing this show them you need to download, purchase or set the PVR up immediately as it is hilarious.  The episode Nicky Whelan guest stars is called Temp-Temptress, as a temp in a telemarketing company.  The guys think she is too hot to date normal looking dudes so they immediately despise her.  They soon meet her ugly boyfriend and realize they might have a chance and its an all out war to win her love.  It is a great episode starring Anders, Blake, Adam and Nicky Whelan, its a must see if you like comedy.

Notably Nicky has also appeared alongside The Lonely Island in a commercial for Rokk Vodka.  Again this is a comical based commercial but showcases her beauty.

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Note: There are topless pics and videos of Nicky Whalen from Hall Pass as she attempts to seduce one of the characters in the movie.