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Platinum Lube By Wet

Posted on May 22, 2012 by in Products | 0 comments

Platinum Lube By Wet

Lube isn’t always essential but for those instances when a quickie is occurring within grasp of a bottle, it’s only that much better.  Personally I have used a number of different brands and substances but I will say that the best I have tried (and continue to use) is Platinum by Wet.  It’s safe for condoms, oil free, silicone based, and never dries out. 

Platinum is so good it even works under water, not that I recommend underwater sex but sometimes the right moment happens when you least suspect it (like in the shower!).  This product is extremely smooth and slippery; if a spill occurs you should clean it up with warm water and a towel immediately.

Where To Buy Platinum Lube

This product by Wet is not cheap, but it is high end performing a great service which is both odourless and colorless.  Any sex supply shop should carry this product and a small 4.2 oz bottle should be more than enough to last several months.  Expect to pay roughly 20$ for a bottle that size.