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Scarlet : Baby Blues X-Art

Posted on Nov 28, 2013 by in Masterbation | 0 comments

X-Art Scarlet Model

I realize it has been a while since we updated this site but I have to plead not guilty… It has taken Brig and Collette a while to update their affiliate info and send out the free X-Art pictures and videos that we all love.  We are going to try and plug through this as they posted nearly 20 new video updates. So here we go.


We have seen Scarlet is a number of videos from solo to girl on girl to the awesome threesome she had appropriately named “this actually happened”.

See here here in this awesome X-Art video.

Who doesn’t want to look into those baby blues while our amazing hot X-Art model cums like crazy? I really think this girl does the best masturbation scenes out of all of our models AND she ALWAYS has a real orgasm! Watch and see for yourself.

Check the link below for some free X-Art pictures and videos.

Free X-Art Gallery and Movie

Ya, so we are not allowed to host the actual images or the film so unfortunately you have to follow a link to a new page, but its only one click away… it doesn’t open in a new window or tab, no pop ups, or any of that crap, just straight to the good stuff… Goodbye and Enjoy!

Check out the Free Scarlet : Baby Blues

As always if you follow the link above you are going to see nudity – IT’S NOT SAFE FOR WORK