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Who Is Mr X From X-Art?

Posted on Nov 22, 2012 by in Porn Stars, Sexy People | 1 comment

EDIT – Who is Mr X from X-Art? It appears to be… Tom Morley


This is one of those great mysteries. Who is Mr. X from the artistic erotic site X-Art?

I have spent all morning Googling and trying various search tricks to find his true identity but have come up empty. That’s a very difficult thing to accomplish in this day and age where everything is linked. Either way Mr. X has done a fantastic job of maintaining his alias and keeping his true identity in the shadows ( Which I guess, we are sort of revealing, sorry Tom).

Mr X is a stunning male model who, if not preforming in these videos looks as though he should be hitting up some wave on the North shore in Hawaii. One of the reasons X-Art does so well is the fact they hire great looking male actors. Lets be honest this certainly helps explain why X-Art works so well as couple friendly porn. I can tell you first hand that my significant other doesn’t complain when Mr X graces the screen.

So if anyone happens to recognize Mr X from a past film or some other video, acting, or surf competition drop us a line and let us know what his name actually is. Maybe we can finally figure out who is Mr X from X-Art.

I have included some images of him in hope of someone recognizing him, ladies (and men?).


Also there are a bunch of videos of him with and some stunning ladies over at the site X-Art (just in case you didn’t catch the five plugs above…) What can I say, It’s currently my favorite Porn site on the internet.

1 Comment

  1. An anonymous person sent us this message below regarding Mr X – After a little research it seems to be accurate – although I cant comment on the guys personality but Mr X seems to be Tom Morley.

    Mr X is Tom Morley and he is a yoga “teacher” in LA. he is also one of the biggest douchebags you will ever meet. total sleaze with a serious anger management problem posing as a yogi. don’t let his good looks fool you…