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X-Art Addison New Gallery

Posted on Nov 29, 2012 by in Couples Porn, Porn New Releases | 0 comments

X-Art has just released a new film starring Addison and Logan.  The two are in a beautiful exotic location wearing all white.  As with all X-Art films the decor is amazing; they must rent out ultra luxurious locations for all their film shoots.

Addison is a cute brunette who is a bit of an exhibitionist with her boyfriend (who you will see her with in her films).  They both thoroughly enjoy being watched while having sex, this partnership with X-Art works out really well for them as they are now getting paid for their fantasy!

Check Out This Special Gallery And Video

We again have access to a short video and several great photos of these two in their sex scene. Check it out but careful there is a good chance you will be hooked.

See the Addison and Logan Gallery

This Gallery is not safe for work!