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X-Art Angie and Tyler

Posted on Jan 2, 2013 by in Couples Porn, Sexy People | 0 comments

X-Art – Morning Desires

A relatively new video from the famed X-Art crew.  Morning Desires features models X-Art Angie and Tyler having morning wake up sex, a pretty great situation and fantasy for everyone really.  The video starts with Angie waking up and masturbating hoping her mate beside will wake up and join in on the fun. Well, guess what? he does just that… Of course a great sex scene ensues.

X-Art Angie Model

Angie is 22 years old and from Czech, she is a professional model by trade.  I think because X-Art is shot so artistically and respectfully many emerging models are using these videos to catapult their careers.  The job pays roughly $10,000 a shoot and the exposure is fantastic for models looking to be discovered.

Angie’s Videos

Angie has done a number of videos and photography shoots with X-Art, you have to join the site if you want to see them all but in the mean time I can give you a little list of her work.  I try to avoid posting nudity on this site which makes it difficult since all of the images showcase it, but Angie naked is a simple click away.